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21 Dec

Christmas movies

It has become a tradition with my family to watch various Christmas movies over the course of December to get us into the festive spirit. We normally do the standard Christmas staples, like Elf and Home Alone as well as trying to find something fresh.

Re-watched Dock the Halls with my son this year as he had completely forgotten the film. Also managed to catch The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix. A throughly good addition to the Christmas film catalogue and will certainly be watched again.

21 Dec

Year draws to a close

Has been a bit of a learning year for me on various levels this year. Have fallen short of my running target for the year and haven’t really improved. Too little running and too little focus have been my big problems. Have managed to do two more ultras this year and knocked over 30 minutes off my Green Man PB in September, so there are some positives to take from the year.

Target for the year is going to be a 50 miler and 24 hours. I hope to hit at least 100km within the 24 hours.

A side target is going to be a run streak. Let’s see how long I can keep it going.

29 Jul

Running slump

I have hit a bit of a slump in my running. Hoping that being a bit more active on my website might act as a slight motivator in driving things forward. Fingers crossed!

17 Jan

Riverbank Rollick

Today was the Riverbank Rollick, a muddy 9 miles of cross country fun.  After my recent running problems, was worried that I couldn’t finish.

Was expecting more mud but the conditions were challenging enough! The road sections were a welcome relief from the mud. Slightly disappointed in the weather as the section on the banks of the Severn would have been breathtaking.

The finish in the river was nice as it cleaned off so much mud from my shoes but did mean my shoe laces were very wet when I tried to take them off!.

Overall, very good race and great marshalling. Personal circumstances meant that I spent most of the race worrying about my legs and never got to enjoy the race fully. Maybe next year will be better….

UPDATE: Youtube video of finish

16 Jan

Big parkrun day

My local parkrun celebrated their 100th parkrun today. So glad to be part of such a good thing. 
Ran the 5km in a suit as it was a black tie/tiara themed day. Leg felt fine so it’s onwards to the Riverbank Rollick tomorrow. 9 miles of cold cross country…..

13 Jan

Running Journal

I have normally recorded my runs on Strava. For christmas, I got a book to write them down.

The book has pages for each day of the year and space to record two runs per day. At the moment, I am finding the lack of space slightly restrictive but it is good tool to try and make sure I run everyday. Even though the space for each run is quite small, still proving a challenege to write something down at the time of the run rather than several hours.days later!!!!

12 Jan

Little bit here, little bit there

In order to try and push myself further this year, I am trying to run a little bit each day. Might be problematic to do this with some work commitments, but with a little careful planning, should be okay. If I remain injury free…

12 Jan

Getting worried…..

Went for another little run last night. Left calf became really tight. Didn’t want to risk an injury by carrying on, so I walked for a bit, ran for bit all the way home. I wanted to make sure my body was fine for a 10km on Sunday.

I open my emails this morning and it isn’t a 10km, it’s a cross country 9 miler. Getting worried that my body in its current state won’t last that far. Going to stop running for a few days, see how I feel on Saturday Parkrun and make the call then.

Fingers crossed….

11 Jan

Christmas presents

I got quite a few running presents in my stocking for Christmas so I will write up the occasional review as and when I get to fully test them out.

10 Jan

Little leg stretcher….

Went for a little jog tonight. Have been slightly worried about my legs as I have had discomfort in both legs. Am running pain free now but not niggle free, though it has been getting better each day.

I have a small route I have been running recently and tonight I added a hill loop onto it. Not running fast yet so thought hills would be a test.

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