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14 Jan

Anti virus on Ubuntu (Or linux)

I know some are touchy about viruses on their PC’s, most probably due to problems seen on windows. The most compelling reason to run a scanner on linux is when it interacts with windows computers, to prevent the linux pc passing on the infection. This is a good HOWTO for installing ClamAV on Ubuntu, though […]

14 Jan

Time stamps

My project involves php and mysql. One element of the project is looking at the time in takes for an event to occur. At the moment, I’m using timestamps to record the time. I need to subtract the timestamps to produce the time difference. This is the solution taht is working for me so far, […]

14 Jan

My profile is here:

14 Jan

Music machine

Just seen a very strange music machine whilst using Stumble (A Firefox extension). It is a video of a machine which bounces balls onto things to make a sound, it can be found here. I know it’s not real, but the full quality video most look good.

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