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25 Feb

Searching within a site

Sometimes you find yourself looking for something on a particular site but can’t find it. A good tip is to use the power of google to use it to search the site. I recently found myself looking for a particular news item on the bbc site. Considering the number of items produced on the bbc […]

25 Feb

Flash games

I do like flash and shockwave games, I stumbled this today…

24 Feb

Facial hair…

Those people who know me constantly remind me about my lack of hair, these people certainly don’t suffer from a lack of hair……

24 Feb

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in….

I have been playing around with comparing string lengths for a time check and kept getting this error: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in……. The code I had been using was: if (strlen($_POST[‘time’]) = 4) { $time = TRUE; $message .= ‘You have entered a time which is fine’; } […]

24 Feb

Penn & Teller…

24 Feb

Gilberto Silva….

23 Feb

Multimedia on Ubuntu

There are several places to get info on installing multimedia stuff on ubuntu, this is the ubuntu wiki page: And instructions for Realplayer To be able to install Realplayer as per the instructions, you need to add a repository from the PLF, the instructions for this are here: ..and scroll down to […]

19 Feb

The biggest event of the year is coming…..

LugRadio LIVE!!!!!!!!!

19 Feb


Went for a job interview last week, in neonatal screening.  Wasn’t too sure about before hand but was getting more and more excited about it as time went by.  Found out on Friday that I didn’t get the job and get some feedback today on why I didn’t get it.  I will certainly never make […]

15 Feb

Oldest domains

I sometimes use whois services to find out if a domain name is taken or who owns it. Whilst using stumble, I found this little gem:

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