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Archive for March 11th, 2007

11 Mar

Upgrade complete

Taken a bit longer than expected, but this is being written with an edgy laptop! Don’t know whether there are some bugs lurking around though. Will post updates if any problems are noticed.

11 Mar

molecule screensaver

Been using this screensaver for a while now.  Decided to change the config to use a directory of my choosing containing pdb files.  A quick google didn’t yeild answers so I decided to have a little fiddle. I used synaptic to add some extra screensaver stuff to see if I could get at the settings […]

11 Mar

Upgrade from Dapper to Edgy

Whilst doing a standard update on my laptop, I noticed that I was still running dapper, so I decided to run an update to edgy during the night. A quick google found this guide so I took the plunge. The scale of the update was big ~1,000 files in total to be modified during <3 […]

11 Mar

Online games

I do like online games, no installation problems, no cost, no queues… This is a site I have found before. It is simple yet hard. Give it a go

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