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22 Mar

More optical illusions

22 Mar

Retaining a value in a form in php

The standard construction of an input box is like this: <INPUT type=”text” name=”name” size=”5″  maxlength=”5″> The various components being fairly obvious, size being the length of the screen box and max length referring to the length of input that can be stored.  When the page is submitted and validated, the values are lost if validation […]

22 Mar

Writing forms in php

I have been playing around with forms for a while now, both in my project and personally. I must admit that sometimes I use a book example, modify to what I need and move on without fully understanding how. One example is form action. Previously I have used this king of code: <form action=”submit.php” method=”post”> […]

22 Mar

Moodle…continued 3

Well, my problem courses have backed up… but another two have failed….This may be an intermittent problem so I will keep an eye on it.

22 Mar

Why I like metal…

I thought I liked metal because of it’s music merits but it seems that I like metal because I am intelligent… Daily Telegraph

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