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Archive for March 31st, 2007

31 Mar

Problems with MAX() and MIN() with MySQL

I have been playing around with some data manipulation and performing some basic stats on the data. I used this SELECT statement as a starting point: SELECT Round(STDDEV(Result),2), Round(AVG(Result),2), COUNT(Result), Round(MIN(Result),1), Round(MAX(Result),1) This allowed me get the standard deviation, mean and number of results. The Round refers to rounding the result and the number is […]

31 Mar

Selecting data from MySQL according to month

I have had reason to select data from a table 0f 8,000 rows according to month. What I wanted to do was create a dynamic page where I could have a drop down box for months and years and then provide data based on the options. The problem I initially had was to get my […]

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