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28 May

Global Warming

With the ever increasing threat of global warming, we need more weather stations to help us.  Thankfully the Irish are up to the job: The Irish Weather Machine

22 May

Funny pictures

22 May

Web games

Found some more web games!  Some weird bouncy game: Protect your mouse pointer all costs kind of game:

07 May

Ugly Betty has a sideline…

I do enjoy the TV show Ugly Betty.  Whilst I was looking at some work related sites, I found this page on the Roche website.  Is betty doing some modelling on the side?

06 May

Online gaming

As I have said before, I do like online gaming via shockwave etc.  I have played Counter Strike etc online but am nowhere good enough to carry on playing for longer than 6 seconds a round.  This site contains a round up of available online games.

05 May

Ant City!!!

It is a city….with people so small they look like ANTS!!!!!! It is so nice destroying things………

02 May

Dot game

I used to play this game a lot as a child but have never seen it online. To be honest though, I have never looked.  So finding this page was a sweet surprise:

02 May

Comedy Football

Found this on stumble:

02 May

Nice effects

Stumbled this today

02 May

Good Picture

Now I would find myself falling for this…

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