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09 Sep

Oh my GOD!!!!

Meant to post this a while back but forgot……

09 Sep

Non-newtonian fluid

Now this seems to be an unusual topic for my general ramblings, but watch this youtube clip for a really good demonstration of a non-newtonian fluid. This may not seem interesting, but when you watch the clip you will understand!

04 Sep

Nissan Qashqai

The current version of the Qashqai advert seems to have an odd bit of language.  It makes the claim it is the safest Adult car kind of thing.  Got me thinking, aren’t all cars for adults?  Are are they saying, don’t put kids in here, it’s unsafe? An older version of the advert can be […]

03 Sep

Football game, progress so far…

The game is progressing fine so far.  I have had a slight problem about the manager of the month though…Do I award on average score or total score?  In most months this won’t be a problem, as they would tend to be the same individual but this month, someone started late and managed to gain […]

03 Sep

Sky at Night

Caught a bit of Sky at Night on BBC 4 tonight.  The show has been going for longer than I have been alive for!  I find it remarkable that Sir Patrick Moore has been doing the show for so long.  The guy is a true LEGEND!

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