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30 Nov

Freaky people

These are freaky people….

28 Nov

Iron Maiden played in an unusual way….

I do enjoy Maiden, in fact they were the very first band I saw live.  When I heard about someone who could perform the trooper, with his hands, I had to take a look.  Now you can too.  Also available are Sweet Child O Mine and bohemian rhapsody.

14 Nov

Tux is the man!!

14 Nov

Nokia 6500 Classic ad

This ad troubles me. Not in “I’m scared!!” kind of trouble but what were the ad agency thinking! The premise of the ad is that a phone is handed in, an announcement is made that this phone has been handed in and LOADS of people come to collect it. Problem 1. If the phone is […]

13 Nov

Asus Eee PC 701

How cool is this? Noticed it had been released whilst looking at laptops at Dabs for a friend.  Must admit that I am seriously thinking about it as it seems to be a good buy for what I would use it for, e.g. simple text based stuff and maybe browsing ‘tinternet.

12 Nov

The odd things on the web

Casually looking on /. and found this story.  It just goes to show that people will write about anything and people like me will read it!

08 Nov

Day off!

I have taken a day off and I am aiming to have a great looooonnng weekend with my wife and version 2.0.  As I come home quite late, I don’t really get to see much of version 2.0 at all, which does sadden me. I do have garden chores to sort out before winter really […]

01 Nov

Stupid cyclists

Now before you get the wrong end of the stick, I am a serious cyclist.  My weekly commute is 70+ miles which I do in all weathers. I have taken part in time trials, a road race and mountain races (Not very well but still taken part.)  So it saddens me to have a go […]

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