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27 Apr

Squid thaw set for a fresh start

Now that is a headline!  I have no clue whatsoever about what the article is about. Find out at

16 Apr

Guy Dresses Like a DJ to Sneak Into Clubs for Free All in the title, though I hope it works better for you than it did for me in the tea room.

14 Apr

So dumb…

This is so dumb…. but I know I would fall for it!!

09 Apr

$2 dollar bill

Saw this on stumble, made me smile.

07 Apr

Peugeot 207 advert

Now this advert is wrong.  The car may be a fine drive etc and I am guessing that was what the ad execs said when they did the presentation.  It’s not what I saw.  I saw Peugeot, we do crap GPS!!!!  If the car company can’t get GPS right, why should trust them on a […]

06 Apr

Good and bad

I was recently reading Linux Format, which had an article about Google donating a shed load of money to get Photoshop to work on linux using the wine project.  If you have heard, it seems a few sites have something to say. This got me wondering.  Google has done a lot of good things but […]

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