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31 Jan


31 Jan

Alternative movies

Love this page!

27 Jan

Apple ipad

Well the internet can finally relax…. Apple have now made the announcement about the tablet….  Nothing to see here…. Move along now….

17 Jan

German Government warning

It comes to something when a large government speaks out against the security of a Microsoft product.  Is it part of some posturing in order to get a better deal on their software?  I think maybe not as the Germans have made a large migration to Linux systems.  This stance may be as a result […]

17 Jan

Lucid upgrade

just starting the upgrade pathway on my laptops.  I will hold off on the main PC for a while longer.

10 Jan

Kermode for Film 2010

I know I have nor been the first or the last, but I do think Dr K will be perfect for taking over the role from JR.  Hope it happens. Though Andrew Collins would also be good.

01 Jan

A new Doctor

Well tonight is the first appearance of the new Doctor.  He has a tough act to follow as DT was great.  Hope the other Time lords come back for good as it will open the story options a bit more.

01 Jan

Happy New Year!

I wonder what this year is going to bring?….

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