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21 Dec

Christmas movies

It has become a tradition with my family to watch various Christmas movies over the course of December to get us into the festive spirit. We normally do the standard Christmas staples, like Elf and Home Alone as well as trying to find something fresh. Re-watched Dock the Halls with my son this year as […]

21 Dec

Year draws to a close

Has been a bit of a learning year for me on various levels this year. Have fallen short of my running target for the year and haven’t really improved. Too little running and too little focus have been my big problems. Have managed to do two more ultras this year and knocked over 30 minutes […]

08 Oct

100th parkrun

Note: I started writing this in 2017 and never got round to finishing it. I have now made it past 160 and still in love with parkrun. Better late than never! I have been running for about 3 and a half years. When I started, 1 mile was a struggle and left me with a […]

16 Jan

Big parkrun day

My local parkrun celebrated their 100th parkrun today. So glad to be part of such a good thing.  Ran the 5km in a suit as it was a black tie/tiara themed day. Leg felt fine so it’s onwards to the Riverbank Rollick tomorrow. 9 miles of cold cross country…..

10 Jan

Little leg stretcher….

Went for a little jog tonight. Have been slightly worried about my legs as I have had discomfort in both legs. Am running pain free now but not niggle free, though it has been getting better each day. I have a small route I have been running recently and tonight I added a hill loop […]

05 Aug

Ant Man

This film was originally being developed by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. For what ever reason, they left the project. I was intrigued what would be left in the final film from their initial work. After seeing the film, I think there is significant elements that remain. Without doubt, this is the funniest Marvel released […]

27 Jun

I think I am becoming a real runner……

I have had some ups and downs over the last few months with my running. I have managed to run further than I ever have before. I have even pushed this out further a few times. I now feel comfortable about doing a half marathon. Speed hasn’t changed much though. Parkrun oh hasn’t improved. My […]

04 Feb


Saw Kingsman last night. What a fun film! The set up is that there is a secret service of gentleman undertaking various missions and they are looking for a new recruit. One of the people picked to go through the recruitment process is a troubled lad living with a dodgy step father figure. Overall, the […]

07 Jun

Captain America: A Winters Soldier

Managed to swing a trip to the cinema and chose the latest from the Marvel production line. It was not a decision I regretted. The scripting behind the various Marvel movies is getting better as we move further and further along their grand plan. I went to this film not knowing anything about the plot. […]

23 Apr

Pitch Perfect

The film is a standard finding yourself whilst at college kind of film. The film deals with various singing groups so kind of feels like a rip off of Glee. The similarities to Glee are obvious but are also slightly misleading as each can stand up on its own. It’s like writing off The Wire […]

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