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04 Feb


Saw Kingsman last night. What a fun film! The set up is that there is a secret service of gentleman undertaking various missions and they are looking for a new recruit. One of the people picked to go through the recruitment process is a troubled lad living with a dodgy step father figure. Overall, the […]

23 Apr

Pitch Perfect

The film is a standard finding yourself whilst at college kind of film. The film deals with various singing groups so kind of feels like a rip off of Glee. The similarities to Glee are obvious but are also slightly misleading as each can stand up on its own. It’s like writing off The Wire […]

04 Aug

Man of Steel

I like Superman. Whether it is the comics, the Christopher Reeve movies or even the Smallville TV series. I must admit I don’t like some aspects of the comic character. Too often a situation is resolved by flying faster or punching harder. This seems to suggest that to succeed, you need to be the strongest […]

04 Aug

American Mary

I heard about American Mary on twitter from talk about Fright Fest. I heard good things about the film but deliberately wanted to know as little about the film as I could before watching it. From the chatter from Fright Fest, this seemed to be the kind of film where you need to know as […]

04 Aug

The Croods

Another family visit to cinema. Did not know much about The Croods before watching the film. From the posters, I was expecting a straight stone age kind of film. What I got was something along the lines of Ice Age crossed with Avatar. The film revolves around a family of neanderthals living in a cave […]

20 Jul

We Need To Talk About Kevin

This is one of those films where I heard good things about it, wanted to see it but it took a while to get around to seeing it. I knew the film was going to be a tough watch so thought it might be difficult to convince my wife to watch it. In the end, […]

03 Jul

Wreck it Ralph

Been a while since I have done any reviews so this is going to be a bit of a splurge! Wreck it Ralph was part of a family trip out. I always worry about the “family film” choice as it is very difficult to make a film that children and adults can fully enjoy rather […]

19 Feb

Warm Bodies

Had an infrequent grown up trip to the cinema recently. Missed the chance to see Argo so it was a bit of a discussion to find something we both liked the look of. We eventually opted for Warm Bodies. The film deals with the consequences of a zombie outbreak. Humanity seems to have found a […]

06 Feb

The Girl Next Door

After a variety of recent films, I suggested we watch a thriller next and my wife picked this film. Hmmmm. This film is awful, truly awful. But it isn’t a bad film. I don’t know what words to use to describe this film. This film unsettled me far more than Kill List. I suppose Kill […]

03 Feb

The Other Guys

At a loss to watch, we decided to watch The Other Guys. We watched Blades of Glory and enjoyed its silliness. As my wife mentioned she likes Will Ferrell, I thought this film might go down quite well. The film is about the not so successful cops. The two cops in question are not quite […]

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