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29 May

Simple little game

10 Jun


Who would have thought an online version of marbles would be fun?

03 Jun


Found this zombie shooting game. Enjoy

03 Jun

Complete waste of time

I found this on Stumble, and it can cause you to waste soooo much time. Be careful, you have been warned! 

22 May

Web games

Found some more web games!  Some weird bouncy game: Protect your mouse pointer all costs kind of game:

06 May

Online gaming

As I have said before, I do like online gaming via shockwave etc.  I have played Counter Strike etc online but am nowhere good enough to carry on playing for longer than 6 seconds a round.  This site contains a round up of available online games.

05 May

Ant City!!!

It is a city….with people so small they look like ANTS!!!!!! It is so nice destroying things………

02 May

Dot game

I used to play this game a lot as a child but have never seen it online. To be honest though, I have never looked.  So finding this page was a sweet surprise:

23 Apr

Maze game

I find this game and it’s bloody HARD!!!!! (Well it is for me….)

19 Apr


I do like online games. Found this on stumble. Enjoy!

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