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10 Jan

Green Man Ultra

My objective for 2016 is to complete a marathon. This is part of my longer plan to do Green Man. It looks like doing sections of Green Man will form part of my training for marathons and as a diversion from road running. Not sure when I will take part, it depends on how well […]

10 Jan

Quick update…

Have completed my first half marathon. Have also finished my second!. So 2015 finished with my objective achieved. Now to move onto my 2016 objectives, finish a marathon…

11 Sep

Home stretch…

Getting close to my first half marathon. Tried the get a decent run in last Sunday and again failed. Confidence for this weekend was low. Club night on Thursday was looking like a chance for redemption. But would it fit in with tapering? Discussed the proposed plan for the run with two guys from the […]

29 Aug

Downs and ups

Been doing a lot of walking this last week. Have tried to do a good distance run in the evening and have died on my legs. I suspect my energy reserves were exhausted by the walking and I couldn’t replenish by the time of the run. Strangely, these runs told me a lot about myself […]

05 Aug

Sunday in the sun

On Sunday, I planned to go for a long out and back on a cycle track to try and hit 10 miles. I have a half marathon plan on my Garmin Forerunner 220 and planned to use the session for a long run to go further than the plan suggested. As I started, it became […]

01 Aug

Good week at Parkrun

Spent this morning doing some stretches in preparation for Parkrun. And avoided the chippie tea the night before! There is a guy at my local Parkrun who consistently runs sub 25 so my plan was to follow him as close as I could. Was getting worried at the start line as I couldn’t see him. […]

01 Aug

Bad week at the Parkrun

Did the Cardiff Parkrun last week. I looked at the course and it was flat so was hoping for a PB. The sheer number of people doing the run was amazing. Made it difficult to get going at a steady pace at the start. When I finally managed to get some clear space, I started […]

26 Jul

Good weekend

Last wekkend was good. The Friday started with the purchase of some new shoes from easy runner. Later that day, did the GWR Towpath 10Km. I was thinking about test driving the new shoes but decided to use my old ones in the towpath was really muddy. Run went really well. Made a small mistake […]

05 Jul

At last!!!!

I have been trying to run with a back pack. I have bought a Camelback Octane for use when running. I already own a larger camelbak for cycling but is seems to large for running.  This bag has several pockets to store things but not enough space to store too many things which would make the bag […]

04 Jul

Strangely disappointed…..

Went for a run last night, aiming for a 10km route. Started well so kept my pace high as I felt good and looked to beat my 10km PB. After about 4km, was dead on my legs. In the end, I walked home with some shaky legs. When I woke up this morning for Parkrun, […]

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