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01 May

oh dear

I saw this on the BBC site and I am now worried about the future of the club.

20 Oct


Just about to watch the final tonight.  Couldn’t watch it last time round as I was working (Hi Jo!).  Hopefully tonights match will be as good, with hopefully the same result.

03 Sep

Football game, progress so far…

The game is progressing fine so far.  I have had a slight problem about the manager of the month though…Do I award on average score or total score?  In most months this won’t be a problem, as they would tend to be the same individual but this month, someone started late and managed to gain […]

15 Aug

Football game (ongoing)

Looks like the bugs are fixed!  Nice to see several people playing! Also nice to see Spurs bottom of the table after playing 2 games!

10 Aug

Football game

The football game is available at Initial tests have shown that the system doesn’t accept 0 as a legitimate prediction. Enter 00 until I can fix it. Updates to follow on the status UPDATE: Two possible quick fix options, drop down values for predictions or remove the check step. Want do you want??

21 Apr

Arsenal troubles

Arsenal are having a few problems at the moment. It all started in Feb when a deal was struck with an american called Stan Kroenke, about a link up. This started talk of a take over. Things started to come to head when a stake was bought in the club, as ITV sold their stake […]

24 Feb

Gilberto Silva….

23 Jan

Arsenal V Man U

What can I say? Terry Henry scoring an injury time winner with his head, against Man U, to do the double? Perfect!

20 Jan

Liverpool v Chelsea

I am NOT a Liverpool fan, but this was a great result!. I really want Liverpool to come back as a real force in football, so when Arsenal beats them, it tastes sooo much sweeter. The reason I realllllllly like this result,is the fact it is putting pressure on Chelsea. I have no problem againest […]

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