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15 Nov


I have posted a few times about what I have found on stumble.   Today I have a few absolute gems! I am not musically talented in any way.  I wish I could be, but I have accepted my tone deafness (except when I am having a shower or driving whilst alone…).  This guy is dripping […]

11 Oct


07 Oct

Leave me

A little Stumble before bed and found this.  wow!!!

29 Aug

The front fell off

Some people are stupid. Then there are some people who are REALLY stupid.  And then there are politicians…. I find the link on stumble.

24 Feb

Bike Maintenance guide

I found this on stumble and will give it a good look when I get some spare time.

24 Feb

Burger King Police

I know that ordering can be hard but phoning the police???

20 Jan


Found this on stumble.

20 Jan

Nice little animated gif

11 Jan

Old skool

Connecting old skool style!

30 Jul


The internet is a wonderful place for gaining knowledge, like this handy guide.

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