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31 Mar

Problems with MAX() and MIN() with MySQL

I have been playing around with some data manipulation and performing some basic stats on the data. I used this SELECT statement as a starting point: SELECT Round(STDDEV(Result),2), Round(AVG(Result),2), COUNT(Result), Round(MIN(Result),1), Round(MAX(Result),1) This allowed me get the standard deviation, mean and number of results. The Round refers to rounding the result and the number is […]

31 Mar

Selecting data from MySQL according to month

I have had reason to select data from a table 0f 8,000 rows according to month. What I wanted to do was create a dynamic page where I could have a drop down box for months and years and then provide data based on the options. The problem I initially had was to get my […]

29 Mar

Generating dynamic images with php & GD

I have been playing around with generating images using php. The end goal is produce graphs generated from data pulled from a MySQL database. I will post more later but here are some of the problems that I have resolved so far: Unable to generate an image or getting an error like: The image “http://localhost/button.php” […]

22 Mar

Moodle…continued 3

Well, my problem courses have backed up… but another two have failed….This may be an intermittent problem so I will keep an eye on it.

21 Mar

Mad Bus lane

Must thank Jono for this gem!

21 Mar

Moodle…continued 2

It is post backup for my site….and still I am getting the errors!  Though I am getting the errors in a different part of the back up.  Instead of it hanging on the questions, it is reaching further on.  My next plan is to remove unused activities so the server doesn’t waste effort on them […]

20 Mar


I have been playing with moodle for a while now. I am in the process of trying to get my work place to use it for training purposes. I have tried to upgrade the site to the latest version of the site but without much success. Finally, I have found the solution! I do admit […]

18 Mar

Greek letters

As I do some science stuff for a living, I use a greek characters so I need to use mu instead of the cheating u. In order to print the correct character, you need a special bit of HTML. The code is &# followed by a number so for the character I want, it is […]

19 Feb


Went for a job interview last week, in neonatal screening.  Wasn’t too sure about before hand but was getting more and more excited about it as time went by.  Found out on Friday that I didn’t get the job and get some feedback today on why I didn’t get it.  I will certainly never make […]

14 Feb

Moodle upgrade…

I have spent several hours trying to upgrade a moodle server. I tried out the latest stable branch as a clean install on my laptop, fine, no problems. This led me to perform an upgrade on one of my hosted sites. The install seemed fine until it started the post install config. As the tables […]

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