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12 Jan

Getting worried…..

Went for another little run last night. Left calf became really tight. Didn’t want to risk an injury by carrying on, so I walked for a bit, ran for bit all the way home. I wanted to make sure my body was fine for a 10km on Sunday.

I open my emails this morning and it isn’t a 10km, it’s a cross country 9 miler. Getting worried that my body in its current state won’t last that far. Going to stop running for a few days, see how I feel on Saturday Parkrun and make the call then.

Fingers crossed….

11 Jan

Christmas presents

I got quite a few running presents in my stocking for Christmas so I will write up the occasional review as and when I get to fully test them out.

10 Jan

Little leg stretcher….

Went for a little jog tonight. Have been slightly worried about my legs as I have had discomfort in both legs. Am running pain free now but not niggle free, though it has been getting better each day.

I have a small route I have been running recently and tonight I added a hill loop onto it. Not running fast yet so thought hills would be a test.

10 Jan

Green Man Ultra

My objective for 2016 is to complete a marathon. This is part of my longer plan to do Green Man. It looks like doing sections of Green Man will form part of my training for marathons and as a diversion from road running.

Not sure when I will take part, it depends on how well my marathon running goes this year.

I will post updates as and when I manage to complete various sections. My friends in my running club seem to be having a great time doing recce runs each weekend.

10 Jan

Quick update…

Have completed my first half marathon. Have also finished my second!. So 2015 finished with my objective achieved. Now to move onto my 2016 objectives, finish a marathon…

11 Sep

Home stretch…

Getting close to my first half marathon. Tried the get a decent run in last Sunday and again failed. Confidence for this weekend was low. Club night on Thursday was looking like a chance for redemption. But would it fit in with tapering? Discussed the proposed plan for the run with two guys from the club and they suggested come and just take it easy. So I came and had a gentle plod. Really glad I went as it gave me a real confidence boost for Sunday. Going to do a really Parkrun and then all of my preparation is down.

29 Aug

Downs and ups

Been doing a lot of walking this last week. Have tried to do a good distance run in the evening and have died on my legs. I suspect my energy reserves were exhausted by the walking and I couldn’t replenish by the time of the run. Strangely, these runs told me a lot about myself as I kept trying to drag myself around. I certainly have a lot more drive now then when I started running.

Headed towards Parkrun today with some uncertainty. Will it be another bad run or a crack at a PB? Have got a rough timeline for my Parkrun PB’s so I know what kind of time for each km. Tried to follow someone running at my  pace and found a few candidates. On the last lap, it seemed I was slipping back so I took my foot off a bit. Looked at the timings and felt a decent time was still possible. Got my sums wrong but also underestimated how long it would take to finish. Sprint finish to the line and got another PB.

It seems strange to get a PB after such a bad week of running. But is also felt a bit weird getting the PB knowing I still had something left in the tank. Does mean I am making some progress though not sure if it will be beneficial progress for a half marathon.

05 Aug

Ant Man

This film was originally being developed by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. For what ever reason, they left the project. I was intrigued what would be left in the final film from their initial work. After seeing the film, I think there is significant elements that remain.

Without doubt, this is the funniest Marvel released yet. Maybe it is due to the talent of Paul Rudd or the script. It just fits together and works.

The story is fairly simple but origin stories rarely stray into complex plots. Unusually for a Marvel film, it feels almost outside of the Marvel universe. The references to the other elements of the universe don’t play an integral part of the plot so could easily be removed. for instance, there is a line about contacting the Avengers. In the scene, this line is serious but could easily have been changed to contacting the Power Rangers for comic effect.

The effects used to capture the small scale world are effective. You do get the feel that Ant man has shrunk to the size of an ant.

Can’t wait to buy this film and watch again. And again. And again.

05 Aug

Sunday in the sun

On Sunday, I planned to go for a long out and back on a cycle track to try and hit 10 miles. I have a half marathon plan on my Garmin Forerunner 220 and planned to use the session for a long run to go further than the plan suggested. As I started, it became apparent that the heart rate for the session was far lower than my comfortable rate so the watch kept warning me. This became annoying so I stopped the session and started again. And carried on. Found a comfortable rate at a decent speed. Kept my eye on the distance but the lap count was out. I got the wrong end of the stick and thought I made the turn at 8km. Turns out it was far less. Ultimately this was a blessing in disguise as I really struggled towards the end due to the temperature. Have to be happy with 12km on a very warm day at a nice pace.

01 Aug

Good week at Parkrun

Spent this morning doing some stretches in preparation for Parkrun. And avoided the chippie tea the night before! There is a guy at my local Parkrun who consistently runs sub 25 so my plan was to follow him as close as I could. Was getting worried at the start line as I couldn’t see him. He arrived just before we started so Project PB was on! Managed to keep up with him for most of the first two laps and then suffered up the second climb of Pomphrey. On the last lap, my pacer was off in the distance. I tried to manage a pace as best as I could. On the third climb of Pomphrey Hill, I had to walk a little. On the top of the hill, I checked my time and a PB was still on. It took a lot of effort to haul myself over the line for a new PB. In the end, managed to knock 16 seconds off. As I know the last lap wasn’t particularly good, I think another PB could be in the mix for next week too.

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