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01 Aug

Good week at Parkrun

Spent this morning doing some stretches in preparation for Parkrun. And avoided the chippie tea the night before! There is a guy at my local Parkrun who consistently runs sub 25 so my plan was to follow him as close as I could. Was getting worried at the start line as I couldn’t see him. […]

01 Feb

Parkrun Pacer event drove me to a PB…. just

The morning of the pacer event, I was still uncertain which pacer to follow. Do I follow the 26 minute man and safely hit a PB or really push myself and try to follow the 24 minute man? Left the house for the event and it was raining with a side order of cold wind… […]

30 Jan

Parkrun pacer event

I hope to run my first paced Parkrun this weekend. I am currently torn about which pace to go for. My PB for the course is 27 minutes but didn’t really push myself. I think I can easily hit the 26 minutes target. Not sure if I should really push myself and aim for 24 […]

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