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21 Dec

Year draws to a close

Has been a bit of a learning year for me on various levels this year. Have fallen short of my running target for the year and haven’t really improved. Too little running and too little focus have been my big problems. Have managed to do two more ultras this year and knocked over 30 minutes […]

17 Jan

Riverbank Rollick

Today was the Riverbank Rollick, a muddy 9 miles of cross country fun.  After my recent running problems, was worried that I couldn’t finish. Was expecting more mud but the conditions were challenging enough! The road sections were a welcome relief from the mud. Slightly disappointed in the weather as the section on the banks […]

10 Jan

Quick update…

Have completed my first half marathon. Have also finished my second!. So 2015 finished with my objective achieved. Now to move onto my 2016 objectives, finish a marathon…

05 Jul

At last!!!!

I have been trying to run with a back pack. I have bought a Camelback Octane for use when running. I already own a larger camelbak for cycling but is seems to large for running.  This bag has several pockets to store things but not enough space to store too many things which would make the bag […]

28 Feb

Running struggles

Went for an early morning run this week. Went out way too fast and never recovered and ended up finishing after only 3km. Not sure if this was all down to the fast start or part of my early morning running struggles. Still have yet to do a decent run in a while now. Hope […]

22 Feb

Double run

Had a little family run first thing in the morning. Hoped to run/walk around 5km with them. It was abandoned at around 3km due to the need for a loo break (Even though the loo wasn’t actually used when we got home…). So I went for a solo run by myself straight after. I figured […]

08 Feb

Parkrun with my son

My son joined me for his first Parkrun this weekend. We have done a few runs togther to see if he could do the distance. I was confident that he would be okay completing the course with a little combination of running/walking. The only thing I didn’t expect was the sheer number of people supporting […]

30 Jan

Struggle running continues….

Did another early morning run yesterday but struggled even more. I think the problem lies in trying to run so early and so quickly after waking up. I will see if there is a bit more in the tank when I do a Parkrun this weekend. I hope to take part in a pacer event […]

26 Jan

Am I a wimp?….

Took up running last year with the aim of finishing the Great South run. I finished and I am now looking at getting better results and going further. I currently own only two pairs of leggings, one for running and another initially bought for cycling but can be used for running. I thought I would […]

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